Brand philosophy 


At COOHE, we believe herbs and plants are spiritual in nature. Every plant—along with each individual blade of grass—boasts a unique medicinal power and energy designed to nourish the skin.


We strive to showcase these beliefs in our product line. COOHE proudly adheres to traditional oriental skincare philosophies, and has developed recipes for natural and herbal skincare products, made from the purest ingredients.


We also emphasize health and balance, combined with modern skincare technologies designed to make your skin healthier, more resistant to the elements, and more beautiful. In essence, COOHE products are a natural way to nurture your skin.


We proactively search for the purest, most regional botanical ingredients and materials from around the world to ensure what reaches your face is safe, pure and effective. We do not test our products or ingredients on animals, nor do we hire third parties to test our products on animals.


The Mother Nature provides us with all the healing, health, and vitality that we need. It’s up to us to harness that power and bring these natural elixirs into our lives so we can lead a glorious, happy, healthy, and long life!


Let COOHE help you experience the power of plants!





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