Story Behind

Our ROSE SERIES story began with Ai Fang's journey to Rose Valley in Bulgaria in search of the purest rose ingredients. This experience gave Ai a profound appreciation for sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Meeting local farmers was an eye-opening experience—they shared their natural and traditional cultivation methods and explained how they ensure the highest quality of rose water and rose oil through immediate harvesting and distillation.

Rose Damascus, celebrated for its over 300 beautifying components, boasts powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in vitamins C and A. These nutrients keep the skin soft and hydrated, reduce redness and irritation, and enhance skin elasticity. Additionally, it promotes cell regeneration and eases stress and anxiety, leading to healthier, more radiant skin.

Our new rose line is made with a commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. More than 70% of the natural ingredients are sourced from local organic farms in Bulgaria, ensuring that our products are both effective and responsibly made.


Our range includes everything from gentle foam cleansers to nourishing creams and moisturizing serums to oil balm masks. Each product is carefully formulated with the aim of providing your skin with deep nourishment and balance, so it can radiate with a healthy and youthful glow.

At COOHE, we believe that natural and simple ingredients are the key to healthier, more balanced, and radiant skin. With each jar of COOHE skincare, we share a part of this journey—the story of the farmers and the herbs they cultivate, and the passion that drives us to create the most effective and natural skincare products for you, our valued customers.