COOHÉ was founded by Ai Fang Hansen, a skincare therapist and enthusiast with an Asian background, who was raised in a family deeply rooted in Chinese medicine traditions.

From a young age, Ai Fang was fascinated by the secrets of herbs and holistic wellness practices that promote both health and beauty. Her personal struggles with dry and sensitive skin upon moving from China to Denmark inspired her to create COOHÉ.

With more than 15 years of experience in the beauty industry and training as a TCM Physical Therapist Ai Fang has dedicated her life to developing holistic beauty products that are pure, gentle, and prioritize skin health, overall well-being, and environmental sustainability.

COOHÉ embodies this vision by combining ancient Chinese health traditions with Scandinavian beauty principles. The result is cleaner, more natural, and highly beneficial products that support not only skin health but also overall well-being.

The brand name "COOHÉ" is a fusion of the English word "COORDINATION" and the Chinese word "HÉ," meaning Harmony. It signifies the harmonious balance between body and mind, embodying ancient Asian wisdom and modern Scandinavian skincare principles. COOHÉ acts as a bridge between cultures, celebrating the beauty of diversity.